Australian Doctor Who



Australian journalist, writer and actor Chris Thomas has launched a campaign to become the next Doctor Who following the BBC's announcement that the series will be revived in 2005.

Eight actors have played the title role of Doctor Who on television - William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann - and Chris Thomas wants to be the ninth.

The new series is to be produced by BBC Wales and will be written by television dramatist Russell T. Davies, most famous for the series Queer As Folk.

Thomas, 31, who is based in Perth, Western Australia, and has a number of stage credits to his name, said he is determined to be considered
for the coveted role.

"I know it's a long shot but when you get one chance to fulfil your ultimate ambition, then surely it's worth doing all you can to pursue it?" he said.

"There are bound to be howls of protest from some quarters when they hear an Australian wants to take on the part but it's simply a matter of doing it
with a British accent.

"Besides, Sylvester McCoy had a notable Scottish lilt when he played the role."

Thomas says he has forwarded his details to the BBC but is now encouraging others to get in touch with BBC One controller Lorraine Heggessey and others involved in the project.

"I'm adamant anything is possible and I'm more than ready for the challenge," he said.

"All I'm asking for is a chance to be considered and then it will be up to me to prove myself."

"As the good Doctor once said himself. 'Where there's life, there's hope'."