"Baby Keymaster" Smart Card Programmer



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Hi folks,

This is my first post and yes I did sign up to post this. I hope that isn't bad forum etiquette, but I figure if there anyone out there this could be useful to, I might find them here. :-worship

I have a "Baby Keymaster" Smart Card Programmer described as follows:
The Baby keymaster can read, write, erase, identify and verify all PIC16F85 based Smart Cards including combination of PIC16F4+24LC16 with Eeprom (expanded memory).
I bought the thing for £50+ a number of years back (c. 2003) for programming gold wafer cards and have the instruction sheet, the serial cable (RS-232 not US:cool:, the software (on 3.5" floppy disk) and the 12v D.C. adapter for it.

It still powers up but I no longer have a floppy drive so can't verify it still functions but should as it has been stored safely in bubble wrap in a normal cupboard.

£5 + P&P, anyone?