Baddest movie robot: the votes are in!

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Jun 26, 2007
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The lines are closed, the results are in. No, not on tedious iPhone-related stuff - it's far more important than that. Yes, your resounding verdict on the baddest movie robot was... the Terminator, with a bone-crunching 35% of the vote, even if he was looking slightly long in the tooth by the third movie.

Proving there's still plenty of Futurama fans out there, even after the abysmal Bender's Big Score DVD, second place went to its main metal man with a respectable 24% of the vote. Go Bender, etc.

But he was run close by Megatron on 21%, a sign that not even Michael Bay can destroy fond childhood memories.

Robocop's ED 209 tied with Blade Runner's Roy Batty on a pretty miserable 6% proving that today's geeks have no time for evil death-dealing terrorbots that cannot finish the job.

Hopeless losers, on 5%, were Evil Bill and Ted, but you already knew that.

Robots that never made the cut were:

*** • that evil one from the Disney movie 'The Black Hole'

*** • HAL 9000, because he wasn't a robot

*** • anything from the Matrix, because we're still angry about the last movie

Now tell us why we and everyone else, are wrong!