Bank Holiday round-up

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Jun 26, 2007
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The chances are that you spent the Bank Holiday escaping from the rain, and maybe even caught the (awful) new Indiana Jones movie, so we’ll round up the biggest stories of the long weekend for your delectation.
We’ll start with China’s decision to send a second weather satellite into space to provide better forecasts ahead of the Beijing Olympics this summer.
August will see the attention of the world’s media rest on the communist county – as the Olympics begins its controversial foray into China.
But a mid-range satellite called Fengyun-3 will provide extended forecast over 10-15 days according to the Xinhua news agency.
Which also means there is another Big Brother eye in the sky, of course.
Spend Spend Spend
Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has insisted again that a full takeover of Yahoo is no longer on the cards, but sent a shiver down spines when he pointed out that the $50 billion earmarked for the deal could now be spent on other acquisitions.
“Yahoo was never the strategy we were pursuing, it was a way to accelerate our online advertising package,” Ballmer said in Russia.
“We will spend money on some acquisition. You can do a whole lot of things with 50 billion dollars.
Tech beats exam cheats
UK Exam board Edexcel has insisted that a raft of high-tech ideas to stop cheating have had an impact.
Microdots that can identify where copies of papers arrive from, electronically tagged papers and computer analysis of work have all helped Edexcel to cut cheating to zero.
“Last year we had the best year ever of attempted cheating,” said managing director Jerry Jarvis. “We had zero incidents.”