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hello guys

my name is asim and i mfrom pakistan. i m reletively new to this stuff(channel hacking). and i have very little knowledge of code reciever and their working methodlogy. so i have started this new thread so that i can improve my knowledge about channel hacking and cracking. this will not help only me but many others who wish to understand the termonolgy and use of equipment related to satellite channel technology. i hope that all u guys will participate actively. so please ask wat u want to know and i request those who understand these things thoroughly that they will not hasitate to share thier knowldge.i hope all of u will appriciate my attampt

know first i want to ask few questions

wat r matrix,jocker cam (and many others which i havn't mentioned here plz also explain them) wat is fun 6in1

in different receiver like starsat,digitallworld wat technic they use to hack the scrambled channel. do they have added some extra device in to thier receiver which enables to hack the channeks.

wat is softcam . in softcam key files following terms r used i want to understand thwm

1 provider id (wat does it mean and for wat porpose it is used)
2 key id (wat does it mean and for wat porpose it is used)
3 wat is relation b/w keyid and key

these r my questions for the moment i hope that i'll get these answers soon

and guys please participate ur share inthis thread