BBC ceases Astra 2A transmissions



The BBC appeared to switch off broadcasts on its Astra 2A transponders minutes ago, leaving exclusive transmissions on Astra 2D.

It has been seven days since the BBC first moved people to the 2D transponder; the BBC tend not to make changes between Friday and Monday to ensure people are in the office to deal with any unexpected issues.

Today's switch is part of the BBC's decision to offer its channels without Sky's encryption services. The channels will not go FTA at this time, however, as the BBC are awaiting a ruling from the ITC which is expected to be made at the end of June.

The only people affected by today's switch are those resident well outside the UK. The footprint of Astra 2D is more closely focused onto the UK and those outside of the footprint may need to realign or change their dish (or more sensitive LN:cool:.