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BBC interactive streams on Astra2


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My Satellite Setup
Technomate TM6800, Technomate TM6800 Super, Technomate 5200, Humax Foxsat HDR, Humax CI-8100, Lemon FTA, Force Frontier T90, Channelmaster 1.2 + Jaeger 1224, Misc other bits and bobs.
My Location
North Staffordshire
I have 3 Humax receivers;- 2 off CI 8100 PVR's and 1 off PVR-8000. All are supplied by four Quad LNB's (Astra2,Astra1,Hotbird and Sirius) via Diseqc 1.0. I have been trying to tune in the two CI-8100 receivers with the BBCi Streams on Astra2 (TP 38) but nothing I try will bring them in, yet the PVR-8000 finds them without trouble. I have even tried entering the individual PIDs for each stream on the CI-8100 but no luck. Can anyone shed a light on this problem?