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BBC Prime 03.02.05

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11325H Canal Digital 1.0West

11131V Hot Bird 6 at 13.0E

11891H TV Cabo on Hispasat 1C at 30.0W


Thursday 03.02.05 (GMT)


10.15am Big Strong Boys Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe visit a couple in Wellingborough whose lounge could do with a new look. The design duo strip away excessive decoration to give it a stylish, modern feel, with the addition of a simple seating area, a steel coffee table and atmospheric lighting

10.45am Trading Up Designers Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister visit a home on the market in Nottingham and help transform it in a bid to make it sell more easily. Craig Phillips is on hand to help

11.15am Cash in the Attic A house-proud couple are annoyed at the steadily spreading damp coming in from the driveway. It will cost £1,000 to have damp-proofing laid, so they enlist the team's aid to sort through their clutter in the hope of raising the money at auction

11.45am Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go

12.30pm Doctors The mother of a disabled boy grows suspicious when her estranged husband returns claiming he wants to make amends. Medical drama, starring Christopher Timothy

1.00pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

1.30pm Antiques Roadshow The roving team value more decorative objects and rarities belonging to the public

2.00pm Animal Hospital Presenter Rolf Harris follows the work of the RSPCA's Harmsworth centre in North London as they treat sick pets

2.30pm Teletubbies Laa-Laa and Dipsy play going up and down the hill, while some children do the same

2.55pm Tweenies Max becomes a lighthouse keeper for the night — and doesn't know whether he will manage to get away

3.15pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the world

3.30pm Captain Abercromby Siren meets the local heart-throb when she runs away from the boat and, as a storm brews, Arthur is nominated to take her place at the lookout

3.45pm The Story Makers Jackson makes a fuzzy rainbow using paint and water, and Rossetti's magic is spoiled by a pepper pot

4.05pm Blue Peter Flies the World The team bring reports and features from Lisbon and St Petersburg

4.30pm Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go (888) (Stereo)

5.15pm Big Strong Boys Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe make major improvements to a dining room in Thornton Heath, Croydon, using glass bricks to create a stunning fireplace and reclaimed timber to make a worktop

5.45pm Cash in the Attic A man whose parents died recently attempts to raise money by selling off some of his inherited furniture and belongings. With the £1,200 he hopes to generate, he intends to move to London, take acting lessons and earn a living in the profession, which he knows is what his mother would have wanted

6.15pm Ready, Steady, Cook Kitchen duel in which two celebrity chefs race to create a meal in just 20 minutes. Presented by Ainsley Harriott

7.00pm Doctors Greg tries to make a proud mother realise her son isn't perfect. George offers advice to Nathan, and Mac's meeting has a successful outcome

7.30pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

8.00pm Keeping Up Appearances Suburban sitcom about a super-snob intent on climbing the social ladder, starring Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift and Geoffrey Hughes

8.30pm Yes Minister Jim is challenged to convince his senior civil servant that a computer containing vital citizen information would be useful, raising concerns about individual's rights. Timely reshowing of a classic episode, starring Paul Eddington

9.00pm Clocking Off Freda is left to care for her daughter's two children and struggles selflessly to provide them with a decent home, setting up her own curtain-making business to ensure they never want for anything. Unfortunately, just as her prospects begin to look up, the youngsters' father suddenly decides he wants them back and the real trouble starts. Acclaimed gritty drama, starring Joan Kempson and Siobhan Finneran

9.55pm The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong Satchmo's former sidemen and freinds Arvell Shaw, Barrett Deems, Johnny Mince, Nat Pierce, Bob Havens and Keith Smith in concert

10.45pm Wildlife A mysterious prehistoric lizard found in the “lost world” of Central America, which may provide the answers to questions surrounding the life of dinosaurs

11.15pm The League of Gentlemen B&B owners Alvin and Sunny invite their weekend “sexplorers” to join them on a voyage of erotic discovery — although Alvin would prefer to be at the garden centre. Meanwhile, the flamboyant Noel and Nancy Glass are determined their daughter Casey will triumph in the Junior Miss Elegance Pageant. Guest starring Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

11.45pm Two Thousand Acres of Sky The islanders pull together to help a mysterious girl whom Gordon discovers adrift in a rowing boat, and Abby's new-found happiness looks like it may not stand the test of time thanks to Carolyn and Douglas. Drama, starring Michelle Collins, Paul Kaye and Michael Carter (888)

12.45am Learning Zone
The Fear Ray Winstone narrates Honore de Balzac's The Mysterious Mansion, an eerie tale of a dilapidated old house on a fateful night
1.00am Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure The adventurer visits Chicago 2.00am Kingdom of the Ice Bear Extracting oil without endangering wildlife. Last in series 3.00am Art: A Question of Style Classical and Romantic art 3.30am Women and Allegory Artistic interpretations of women 4.00am Trouble at the Top Saving former food staple the faggot (888) 4.40am Personal Passions Clock-making with physiologist Dick Stephen 5.00am Search English language series 5.15am Search English language series 5.30am Teen English Zone English for teenagers.

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