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''enjoy'' (Happy New Year)

Tuesday 04.01.05 (GMT)


10.15am Big Strong Boys in the Sun Stewart Castledine and Craig Phillips build a galleried lounge for an expat in Tenerife

10.45am Trading Up in the Sun Lorne Spicer and Gordon Whistance hunt for a holiday home in Velez-Malaga, Spain, for prospective British buyers

11.15am Bargain Hunt Auctioneer Tim Wonnacott challenges two teams to scour an antiques fair and pick up bargains to sell for profit at auction

11.45am Weakest Link In a special edition of the gameshow, Welsh contestants are invited to come and get their own back on the fiery Anne Robinson

12.30pm Diet Trials In partnership with leading nutrition experts, four popular diets are tested using 300 clinically overweight volunteers from across Britain. In the first episode, Eamonn Holmes lets each participant know which programme they will be following — the SlimFast plan, WeightWatchers Pure Points Programme, Rosemary Conley's Eat Yourself Slim Diet and Fitness Plan, or Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution. Will an 18-stone tanker driver be able to survive on limited rations for the next six months?

1.00pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

1.30pm Passport to the Sun Life in Majorca during the holiday season

2.00pm Animal Hospital Rolf Harris revisits the RSPCA hospital in Greater Manchester to check on the progress of patients from the previous series

2.30pm Teletubbies It's a rainy day, so the playmates have fun indoors and watch a boy splashing around in his wellies

2.55pm Tweenies Bella makes Fizz a mirror so she can see how her new hat looks

3.15pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the world

3.30pm Zingalong Sing along with Zoe, Zing and Zingameebobs

3.45pm Tikkabilla The activities in the Tikkabilla house include hand printing

4.05pm Bring It On Fran Beauman and Ania Dykczak have five days to get their sea legs and learn to sail well enough to take part in the Isle of Wight's annual Round the Island race

4.30pm Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts a special edition of the general knowledge quiz in which nine members of a holiday company battle it out for the final cash prize

5.15pm Big Strong Boys in the Sun Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe visit the Algarve in Portugal to help a recently bereaved expatriate convert a spare room into a study, creating an ethnic look reminiscent of her travels with her late husband

5.45pm Bargain Hunt Auctioneer Tim Wonnacott challenges two teams to scour an antiques fair and pick up bargains to sell for profit at auction

6.15pm Ready, Steady, Cook Kitchen duel in which two celebrity chefs race to create a meal in just 20 minutes. Presented by Ainsley Harriott

7.00pm Diet Trials Eamonn Holmes reports on the dieters' progress, exploring how alcohol affects their willpower, as the Barretts celebrate their daughter's 21st birthday party. Andy Thorne pines for a pint and 28-year-old nanny Lisa decides she can indulge in her favourite tipple — vodka — without breaking her strict regimen

7.30pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

8.00pm Killer Ants Documentary offering a revolutionary insight into the life of the humble ant, using state-of-the-art technology to reveal how these tiny creatures can pose a lethal threat to much larger animals — including man

9.00pm Top Gear Another helping of four-wheel features, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe. The Subaru Forester is tested, there is another addition to the Top Gear Cool Wall and a sports car races an aeroplane in take-off

10.00pm Teen Species Documentary series identifying the point at which adolescents become adults, revealing that many older teenagers still need to develop emotionally long after they reach physical maturity. The programme meets two teens preparing for the birth of their first baby, a 16-year-old boy about to start a career as a professional footballer and an 18-year-old girl who has been sharing her experiences of puberty with the cameras for the past six years

10.50pm Black Cab A difference in musical tastes sends a cabbie and his passenger on a revealing journey. John Alford and Jamie Foreman star

11.00pm Casualty Valentine's Day proves traumatic for the staff at Holby A&E, as Nikki tries to decide what to do about her pregnancy, given that she is unsure whether Andy or Jim is the father, and Lara receives a gift which seems to be from an unwelcome admirer. Meanwhile, Fin apologises to Comfort for hitting her, but she doesn't want to know and turns to Tess for support. Medical drama, starring Kelly Harrison, Christine Stephen-Daly and Martina Laird

11.50pm Holby City The boys anxiously prepare for their catwalk debut in the charity auction and new risk manager Pam McGrath makes a strong impression on the male population of Holby. Romance blossoms between Chrissie and Owen as they look after a female patient in Darwin and she later bids for him at the hospital's fund-raising event

1.00am Learning Zone
Pele: World Cup Hero Profile of the Brazilian soccer legend, examining whether he really was the greatest footballer the world has ever seen and featuring interviews with Carlos Alberto, Tostao and Rivelino. The film also questions claims that he gave little back to his countrymen despite being hailed by the government as a national treasure 2.00am Great Romances of the 20th Century Jean Harlow and William Powell 2.30am Great Romances of the 20th Century Ronald and Nancy Reagan 3.00am Civilisation 18th century beliefs 4.00am The Road to Riches Global society since 1945 5.00am Follow Me Language series for adult learners 5.15am Follow Me Language series for adult learners 5.30am Look and Read Prefixes, suffixes and possessive apostrophes.

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