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BBC Prime 04.02.05

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11325H Canal Digital 1.0West

11131V Hot Bird 6 at 13.0E

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Friday 04.02.05 (GMT)


10.15am Big Strong Boys Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe make major improvements to a dining room in Thornton Heath, Croydon, using glass bricks to create a stunning fireplace and reclaimed timber to make a worktop

10.45am Trading Up Designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan spruce up a Wolverhampton home for a prospective buyer, with a little help from handyman Craig Philips

11.15am Cash in the Attic A man whose parents died recently attempts to raise money by selling off some of his inherited furniture and belongings. With the £1,200 he hopes to generate, he intends to move to London, take acting lessons and earn a living in the profession, which he knows is what his mother would have wanted

11.45am Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go (888) (Stereo)

12.30pm Doctors Greg tries to make a proud mother realise her son isn't perfect. George offers advice to Nathan, and Mac's meeting has a successful outcome

1.00pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

1.30pm Antiques Roadshow The roving team value more decorative objects and rarities belonging to the public

2.00pm Alien Empire Giant Himalayan honeybees, and the survival strategies of termites, including a complex defence system centred on insect soldiers willing to die for their queen. Plus, an insight into the sophisticated social communities of ants

2.30pm Teletubbies Dipsy listens to a voice trumpet making funny quacking sounds and Little Bo Peep loses her sheep

2.55pm Tweenies The pals find they can create new colours by mixing paints together, and Max makes a giant die which they use to play a colour game

3.15pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the world

3.30pm Captain Abercromby Local magician David Carrotfield turns to Abercromby for help when he is called by Admiral Dobbin and the Sultan of Rabadabdab to a trial by magic. Last in series

3.45pm The Story Makers Shelley shows off her singing, declaring she always wanted to be a pop star, while Jelly and Jackson play at dressing up

4.05pm Stitch Up! CBBC's very own spy kids take to the streets with hidden cameras and microphones to catch members of the public in all manner of embarrassing situations

4.30pm Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go (888) (Stereo)

5.15pm Big Strong Boys Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe visit Wellingborough, where they transform a bedroom for an opera singer. Sarah Matravers presents

5.45pm Cash in the Attic The team help an enthusiastic Dorset photographer raise some cash to buy new hi-tech equipment, and hope that her cluttered house will contain a few valuable gems

6.15pm Ready, Steady, Cook Kitchen duel in which two celebrity chefs race to create a meal in just 20 minutes. Presented by Ainsley Harriott

7.00pm Friends for Dinner An aspiring chef is taken by surprise when Gordon Ramsay drops in to reveal his plans for a three-star Michelin menu. He is then invited to prepare the starter of ravioli at Ramsay's famous restaurant, where the heat is really turned up as tempers fray

7.30pm Two Thousand Acres of Sky Abby and Alastair get serious, but the course of true love runs less smoothly for Malcolm as he proudly parades Ida around the village, neglecting to notice her reserve. Little Jerry brings trouble to Douglas's household, while Carolyn and Heather plan a night out on the mainland — with devious intentions. Drama, starring Michelle Collins and Paul Kaye (888)

8.30pm Mastermind Contestants take to the black chair in the specialist and general knowledge quiz

9.00pm Lenny Henry in Pieces The funnyman brings another bumper selection of comedy characters to life, including Weekend Dad, who horrifies his ex-wife when she discovers he had their son hypnotised, and Unsuitable Bloke who insists he's the right man to catch a great white shark. Last in series

9.30pm I'm Alan Partridge Alan has the misfortune to meet his biggest fan, a complete loony whose bizarre behaviour ruins his already slender chances of landing an Irish TV series. Comedy, starring Steve Coogan and Graham Linehan

10.00pm Liar Game show hosted by Paul Kaye, who invites the audience to decide which of six contestants is telling the truth about their unlikely claim

10.30pm Top of the Pops The week's chart-toppers, featuring studio performances, celebrity interviews and the UK's number one single (888) (Stereo)

11.00pm Parkinson Jonny Wilkinson chats to Michael Parkinson about his dedication to his sport, and how despite his fame, he manages to keep both of his feet firmly on the ground

12.00am Clocking Off Freda is left to care for her daughter's two children and struggles selflessly to provide them with a decent home, setting up her own curtain-making business to ensure they never want for anything. Unfortunately, just as her prospects begin to look up, the youngsters' father suddenly decides he wants them back and the real trouble starts. Drama, starring Joan Kempson and Siobhan Finneran

1.00am Learning Zone
Landscape Mysteries Aubrey Manning visits Shetland to examine a series of stone towers called brochs. He learns they date back to the Iron Age, and sets out to discover more about who built them and how a supposedly primitive people could create such sophisticated structures. A visit to a recently excavated site at Scatness, where finds including metalwork and bone have been discovered, reveals tantalising clues to the purpose of the enigmatic towers 1.30am Castles of Horror The world's greatest castles 2.00am American Visions The impact of mass immigration on US art 3.00am Japanese Language and People How the Japanese relax 3.30am Spain on a Plate The food of Andalucia 4.00am The Money Programme How Ryanair makes its money 4.30am The Money Programme Investigating the re-sale of unfit meat 5.00am English Zone For adult learners of all abilities 5.30am Teen English Zone English for teenagers.

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