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BBC Prime 18.02.05

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11325H Canal Digital 1.0West

11131V Hot Bird 6 at 13.0E

11891H TV Cabo on Hispasat 1C at 30.0W


Friday 18.02.05 (GMT)


10.15am Big Strong Boys Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe tackle a dated bedroom in Derby, giving it an exotic oriental look. Presented by Sarah Matravers

10.45am Trading Up Designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan visit Weston-on-Trent where they spruce up a house for potential buyers

11.15am Cash in the Attic Nikki and Kevin Sweet have moved to a run-down farmhouse in Wales with their three children, and need help to find collectibles to sell at auction so they can realise their dream of becoming self-sufficient

11.45am Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go (888) (Stereo)

12.30pm Doctors Medical drama series set in the Midlands, following the personal and professional lives of a group of GPs. Christopher Timothy stars

1.00pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

1.30pm Passport to the Sun Life in Majorca during the holiday season

2.00pm Big Cat Diary Simon King reports on the day-to-day lives of wild cats inhabiting Kenya's Masai Mara, tracking families of lions, cheetahs and leopards

2.30pm Teletubbies A voice trumpet sings a nursery rhyme, a beautiful tree appears and the colourful quartet make things using gold and silver

2.55pm Tweenies Jake loses his train, so his colourful pals try to help him find it

3.15pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the world

3.30pm Step Inside Twinkle, Boris and Chloe invite viewers inside the magic house for another story

3.40pm Andy Pandy Looby Lou finds a musical box and teaches Andy how to dance

3.45pm The Story Makers Jackson soon discovers the pumpkin in the library isn't a giant orange football

4.05pm Stitch Up! CBBC's very own spy kids take to the streets with hidden cameras and microphones to catch members of the public in all manner of embarrassing situations

4.30pm Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go (888) (Stereo)

5.15pm Big Strong Boys Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe visit a home in Frimley, where they set about transforming a family garage into a photographic darkroom, complete with developing tank, prints drawer and specialist lighting

5.45pm Cash in the Attic The team help mother and daughter Joanna and Jasereth Maddison sell enough of their unwanted items to fund a research trip to Spain, where they hope to find the house of their dreams

6.15pm Ready, Steady, Cook Culinary duel in which two celebrity chefs compete to prepare a meal in only 20 minutes (888)

7.00pm Ainsley's Gourmet Express The chef demonstrates his favourite Chinese and Indian takeaway dishes, including noodle-wrapped crisp-fried prawns, sesame sea salt bass and iced mango shards

7.30pm Two Thousand Acres of Sky Drama about a single mother from Hackney who enthusiastically seizes the opportunity of beginning a new life on the Scottish island of Ronansay. Michelle Collins, Paul Kaye and Michael Carter star (888) (Stereo)

8.30pm Mastermind Contestants take to the black chair in the specialist and general knowledge quiz (888) (Stereo)

9.00pm Lenny Henry in Pieces The funnyman brings a selection of comedy characters to life in his own individual style (888) (Stereo)

9.30pm I'm Alan Partridge Alan has moved out of the Travel Tavern and into a caravan, is back on TV presenting military-based quiz show Skirmish for a cable channel and has acquired a Ukrainian girlfriend. However, he hasn't abandoned his slot on Radio Norwich — and faithful PA Lynn is still by his side. Steve Coogan and Amelia Bullmore star

10.00pm Liar Six contestants claim they have shared a house with a celebrity — but only one is telling the truth. Presented by Paul Kaye

10.30pm Top of the Pops The week's chart-toppers, featuring studio performances, celebrity interviews and the UK's number one single (888) (Stereo)

11.00pm Parkinson Michael talks to tennis legend Boris Becker about the ups and downs of his career

12.00am Clocking Off Lorry driver Ronnie is suspected of helping crooks steal a cargo from his employers. At first he indignantly protests his innocence, but as investigations proceed, a sorry tale of deception and infidelity is revealed, leading to a bitter family feud. Gritty drama, starring Ricky Tomlinson as Ronnie, with Kate Fitzgerald, Denise Black and Diane Parish

1.00am Learning Zone
Landscape Mysteries Aubrey Manning searches for the cause of strange markings on the rocks of the North Yorkshire coast. He reveals how in the early 17th century — long before the Industrial Revolution — the coastline south of Whitby was the site of Britain's first chemical industry, uncovering a long-forgotten piece of the country's heritage 1.30am Castles of Horror The world's greatest castles 2.00am American Visions Art of the 1950s and 1960s 3.00am Japanese Language and People Review of the language covered in the series 3.30am Discovering Portuguese Basic Portuguese course 4.00am The Money Programme Making profits from nostalgia 4.30am The Money Programme The fall of Arthur Andersen 5.00am English Zone For adult learners of all abilities 5.30am Teen English Zone English for teenagers.

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