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BBC Prime 21.12.04

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11325H Canal Digital 1.0West

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Tuesday 21.12.04 (GMT)


10.15am Big Strong Boys Jake Robinson, Sarah Matravers and Gavin Lowe tackle a Reading bedroom, demolishing a wardrobe and bringing warmth and relaxation to that part of the home

10.45am Trading Up Designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan visit Stourport, Worcester, where they spruce up a “des res” to make it attractive to potential buyers

11.15am Bargain Hunt Two teams are challenged to scour an antiques fair and pick up bargains to sell for profit at auction (888)

11.45am Weakest Link Members of the EastEnders cast come face to face with Anne Robinson for a special edition of the quiz. With Lucy Benjamin, Todd Carty, Perry Fenwick and Wendy Richard

12.30pm Doctors George helps a man torn between his ex-wife and ill daughter, and his new family. Helen has a disappointing evening and Tasha asks Nathan out. Medical drama, starring Stirling Gallacher

1.00pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

1.30pm Passport to the Sun Life in Majorca during the holiday season

2.00pm The Elephant Trilogy In the second of Saba Douglas Hamilton's African adventures, she returns to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, where she has previously studied the elephants and befriended many of the people living there. Investigating an ancient myth about a Samburu woman who once offended an elephant, causing the animal to storm off into the bush never to return, Saba makes her own contribution to healing the rift

2.30pm Teletubbies Children perform a Nativity play and the portly pals make a snowtubby, which they dress up with all their favourite things

2.55pm Tweenies Max brings in the Christmas tree ready to be decorated and Bella decides to be the Christmas fairy but has problems climbing up

3.15pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the police

3.30pm Yoho Ahoy! Poop and Booty use their initiative to swab the deck in double quick time

3.35pm Tikkabilla Pre-school magazine show, with music, rhymes and stories

4.05pm Bring It On Adventurous presenters bravely take up the gauntlet to learn a new skill in just five days

4.30pm Weakest Link Nine comedians compete in the general knowledge quiz hosted by Anne Robinson, with the aim of winning up to £10,000 for charity

5.15pm Big Strong Boys Sarah Matravers, Jake Robinson and Gavin Lowe transform a Maidenhead bedroom, creating a spectacular headboard and improved storage

5.45pm Bargain Hunt Auctioneer Tim Wonnacott challenges two teams to scour an antiques fair and pick up bargains to sell for profit at auction

6.15pm Ready, Steady, Cook Kitchen duel in which two celebrity chefs race to create a meal in just 20 minutes. Presented by Ainsley Harriott

7.00pm Doctors Alarm bells start ringing when Faith goes missing during a walk in the woods. Medical drama, starring Christopher Timothy and Eva Fontaine

7.30pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

8.00pm The Crossing Documentary chronicling the experiences of the crocodiles, zebras, vultures, wildebeest, lions and gazelles which congregate at Kenya's Mara river, revealing how their survival depends on events which take place on the waterway over the course of a few hours

9.00pm Top Gear A look at how politicians envisage the future on the roads. Plus Richard Burns sizes up the Peugeot RC sports car and the Maserati 4200 GT takes the Top Gear test

10.00pm Teen Species Part one of three. Documentary following the progress of a group of teenagers over two years, as they leave childhood behind and become young adults, asking whether there are scientific reasons for the moodiness and clumsy behaviour associated with puberty. The first programme focuses on a group of adolescent girls on their journey to adulthood

10.50pm Black Cab A cabbie's sob story earns a surprise tip. Short drama, starring Phil Davis and featuring MP Diane Abbott

11.00pm Casualty Drama with the staff of Holby's accident and emergency department as they deal with more sick and injured patients

11.50pm Holby City As the day of Jess's abortion arrives, she continues agonising over whether or not to go ahead, but Alex remains determined. Meanwhile, an oblivious Ric concentrates his efforts on organising his birthday celebrations, Sam spends her time stirring things up — and when Jess collapses during the party the sparks really begin to fly

1.00am Learning Zone
Leonardo In the second part of Alan Yentob's dramatised documentary, Leonardo da Vinci proposes revolutionary ideas on submarine warfare to the Venetians and works on military projects for Cesare Borgia before returning to Florence, where he designs his first flying machine. It is against this backdrop that he paints the Mona Lisa, arguably the most famous portrait of all time, and becomes locked in a bitter rivalry with sculptor Michaelangelo 2.00am Son of God Why was Jesus so popular? 3.00am Civilisation The music of Bach, Handel, Haydn and Mozart 4.00am The Road to Riches The foundations of today's global economy 5.00am Follow Me Language series for adult learners 5.15am Follow Me Language series for adult learners 5.30am Starship How to use sentences.

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