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Friday 25.03.05 (CET)


10.45am Girls on Top Charlie Dimmock and Anna Ryder Richardson discover there's more to a day on the farm than just milking cows. The pair get stuck in trying to catch the sheep for inspection, and after a gruelling chase they're faced with a daunting task

11.15am Bargain Hunt Auctioneer Tim Wonnacott challenges two teams to scour an antiques fair and pick up bargains to sell for profit at auction

11.45am Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants answer questions as a team, eliminating the poorest players as they go

12.30pm Doctors Faith and Sarah try to talk to Tasha about the baby, while Nathan becomes even more confused

1.00pm EastEnders Emotional highs and lows with the residents of Albert Square

1.30pm Passport to the Sun Life in Majorca during the holiday season

2.00pm Big Cat Diary Simon King reports on the day-to-day lives of wild cats inhabiting Kenya's Masai Mara, tracking families of lions, cheetahs and leopards

2.30pm Teletubbies Po rides her scooter while the gang sit down to enjoy some Tubby custard and watch children hunt for chocolate eggs

2.55pm Tweenies The gang look for objects that roll, including the lost wheel from Milo's fire engine

3.15pm Fimbles Fimbo pretends to be an elephant when he finds a wellington boot and puts it on his hand — but will he be able to get it off again?

3.35pm Bill and Ben Slowcoach has an uninvited guest, but the potted pair's plan of action fails

3.45pm Binka The everyday adventures of the fat furry feline and his pals

3.50pm Meerkats: Part of the Team Documentary-maker Simon King follows a family of meerkats in the Tswalu National Park in South Africa, winning their trust and using modern filming techniques to capture their secret lives, including their constant struggle to find food and potentially deadly encounters with snakes, scorpions and cheetahs

4.40pm Weakest Link Anne Robinson hosts a Wimbledon edition of the general knowledge quiz as the prestigious tournament gets under way at SW19. Nine of the biggest names in tennis endure verbal volleys from the Queen of Mean — but who will claim game, set and match?

5.30pm Earth Ride Innovative film following the journey of a single drop of water, from a bead of sweat to a flood, a cloud and an ocean

6.30pm Ready, Steady, Cook Kitchen duel in which two celebrity chefs race to create a meal in just 20 minutes. Presented by Ainsley Harriott

7.00pm Gary Rhodes: The Cookery Year The popular chef prepares dishes to capture the flavour of spring, serving up roast lemon-peppered leg of lamb and a warm spider crab linguine, with a sumptuous chocolate pudding for dessert

7.30pm Two Thousand Acres of Sky Abby's ex-boyfriend Robbie turns up on the island to a hostile reception, while Mary reaches the end of her tether looking after a post-natally depressed Carolyn and her baby. Abby rises to the challenge of working more hours at the school, but Alfie is disappointed to learn he's being taught by his mother. Drama, starring Michelle Collins and Paul Kaye (888)

8.30pm Celebrity Mastermind Quizmaster John Humphreys tests more celebrities' knowledge, including Bill Oddie on his specialist subject of American jazz, and Germaine Greer on the rainforests of her native Australia

9.00pm Byron Two-part historical drama charting the rise and fall of charismatic poet Lord Byron. Jonny Lee Miller stars as the rebellious genius whose struggle to be accepted as a poet bears fruit overnight, turning him into an instant success and the toast of London society. With women falling at his feet, he soon tires of the attention and begins an illicit and incestuous affair with his half-sister Augusta but, concerned for her well-being, he proposes on a whim to the pious Annabella — a move which leads to heartbreak and betrayal. Natasha Little and Julie Cox also star

10.15pm Table 12 Short drama, written by and starring Kate Gartside as a waitress involved in a brief encounter with a fellow colleague between serving courses and clearing tables. Raa Rawi, Adam James and Darrel D'Silva also star

10.30pm Top of the Pops The week's chart-toppers, featuring studio performances, celebrity interviews and the UK's number one single

11.00pm Ian Wright: Surviving the Kalahari The former England footballer braves the inhospitable environment of the vast desert wastes, where he comes up against big cats and poisonous snakes before a hair-raising encounter with an elephant. The star then takes a crash-course in survival from ultimate hunter-gatherers the Kalahari Bushmen, in which he is pushed to his mental and physical limits, and left to face the long and lonely nights alone

12.00am Clocking Off Former Para Mark starts work at the factory to a mixed reception — the lads don't pay him much attention but he manages to secure a date with gorgeous machinist Hannah before turning his attention to Nick's wife Kim. James Murray and Emma Cunniffe star (888)

1.00am Learning Zone
What the Industrial Revolution Did for Us Dan Cruickshank explores transport inventions which enabled goods and people to move more freely around Britain, including John Loudon MacAdam's roads, James Brindley's canal network, and George Stephenson's Rocket locomotive, which saw horses replaced by the power of steam, heralding the railway age and securing the country's place at the centre of the modern industrial world 1.30am What the Industrial Revolution Did for Us Pioneers of modern medicine 2.00am Leonardo Artist Leonardo da Vinci's search for fame 3.00am Make Italian Your Business Language series 3.30am Mexico Vivo Mexican Spanish 4.00am The Money Programme Price fixing 4.30am The Money Programme The growing population of OAP's in the UK 5.00am English Zone For adult learners of all abilities 5.30am Teen English Zone English for teenager.

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