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BBC Prime 29.01.05

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Saturday 29.01.05 (GMT)


8.00am Big Strong Girls Fiona Quigley and Siobhan Palmer rise to a DIY challenge in Shirley. Plus, advice and tips on home renovations

8.30am To Buy or Not to Buy Kristian Digby and Dominic Littlewood give potential buyers the chance to try out new homes in the Cotswolds by spending time in them before deciding whether to make an offer

9.00am Cash in the Attic A bargain hunting couple call the team to sort out everything they've been collecting from car-boot sales and skips for the past 20 years and help them raise £1,000 for a new staircase to the loft. Their sons have had enough of all their parents' junk, but are convinced the sale won't raise enough for a single step

9.30am Ready, Steady, Cook Kitchen duel in which two celebrity chefs race to create a meal in just 20 minutes. Presented by Ainsley Harriott

10.15am Antiques Roadshow Michael Aspel and the team of experts visit Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire

10.45am Bargain Hunt Two teams are challenged to scour an antiques fair and pick up bargains to sell for profit at auction

11.15am Flog It! Paul Martin meets people in Liverpool eager to earn easy money selling their valuables at auction

12.00pm Animal Hospital Presenter Rolf Harris follows the work of the RSPCA's Harmsworth centre in North London as they treat sick pets

12.30pm Animal Hospital Presenter Rolf Harris follows the work of the RSPCA's Harmsworth centre in North London as they treat sick pets

1.00pm Diet Trials The arrival of Christmas sees the Barretts hit the supermarket to stock up on supplies for the festive season, and a New Year's party in Skegness provides Lisa with yet more temptation to go off the diet rails

1.30pm Diet Trials After six months following one of four weight-loss regimens, the dieters eagerly await the results of the study. Eamonn Holmes chats to those who managed to shed the most pounds before the scientists reveal their findings and announce which of the diets has worked the best

2.00pm Diet Trials: Where Are They Now? An update on the Diet Trials series that scientifically tested four of Britain's most popular weight-loss plans. Eamonn Holmes catches up with participants to see whether they've kept the pounds off, and how the diet has affected their lives. Nutritionist Lyndel Costain, fitness expert Dax Moy and psychologist Geoffrey Beattie are on hand to provide tips for those who have strayed from the straight and narrow

2.30pm Diet Trials: Where Are They Now? Eamonn Holmes catches up with participants in the series that scientifically tested four of Britain's most popular weight loss plans, examining whether they kept the weight off

3.00pm Teletubbies The gang learn the rhyme How Now Brown Cow, while the lion and bear play hide-and-seek

3.25pm Tweenies The playroom pals get fed up with the mess Doodles makes, so Max helps build him a toybox, hoping it will teach him to be tidy

3.45pm Bits and Bobs The adventures of two inquisitive balls of fluff who are keen to find out about the world

4.00pm Captain Abercromby The merry mariner asks Senior Squid for help when Jake challenges him to a duel — but it remains to be seen whether the swashbuckling superstar of Radbadabdab will agree to give him lessons

4.15pm The Story Makers Jelly and Jackson find a sprinkling of fairy dust in the library

4.35pm Bill and Ben A nasty cold takes hold of Ben when he stays up late to see the new moon, so Bill does his best to care for him

4.45pm Bill and Ben Slowcoach's brother proves to be an unwelcome guest, and it's up to Bill, Ben, Whimsy and a magnifying glass to get rid of him

4.55pm The Really Wild Show The team present more amazing wildlife stories from around the world

5.20pm Blue Peter Flies the World Adventures in Australia with the team

5.45pm Viva S Club Lyall sets out to persuade cult radio personality El Porco to play the band's latest demo tape on air. Unfortunately the DJ's unwillingness to help them and a series of unfortunate accidents — including Bradley and Jo being struck down with food poisoning — leaves S Club thinking they must be cursed

6.10pm Top of the Pops The week's chart-toppers, featuring studio performances, celebrity interviews and the UK's number one single

6.40pm Jim Davidson's Generation Game More fun on the family game show, presented by Jim Davidson and Lea Kristensen

7.40pm Casualty After spending the night with Simon, Lara doesn't have any fresh clothes to wear for work the next day, so turns up in one of her new lover's shirts — a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by Tally, who feels totally dejected by the blossoming romance. A man goes berserk after discovering his daughter has been sexually abused by her grandfather, and Jim tracks Nikki down to the abortion clinic, where he begs her not to go through with the termination

8.30pm Parkinson England rugby union hero Jonny Wilkinson drops in to discuss winning the World Cup and the pressures of fame. Also appearing is presenter Jeremy Clarkson. Parkinson favourite and award-winning jazz singer Diana Krall provides the music

9.30pm The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong Intimate profile of famed trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong, whose best-known hits include All the Time in the World, and What a Wonderful World. As well as being a musical legend, Armstrong also found time to make appearances in films. Contributors from the world of jazz include George Melly, Dave Brubeck and Humphrey Lyttelton

10.20pm The League of Gentlemen B&B owners Alvin and Sunny invite their weekend “sexplorers” to join them on a voyage of erotic discovery — although Alvin would prefer to be at the garden centre. Meanwhile, the flamboyant Noel and Nancy Glass are determined their daughter Casey will triumph in the Junior Miss Elegance Pageant. Guest starring Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

10.50pm The Fast Show Rapid-fire comedy sketch show, featuring Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Arabella Weir and Caroline Aherne

11.20pm This Life Milly suddenly realises her relationship with O'Donnell is going nowhere, while Miles begins to get cold feet as the wedding looms ever closer and becomes increasingly torn between Francesca and Anna. Drama, starring Jack Davenport and Amita Dhiri

12.00am This Life Miles and Francesca's wedding day arrives, but the groom is having second thoughts and wonders if he'd be better off with Anna. Jo and Ferdy ponder over who to take to the ceremony, and Milly gets a sharp warning about her affair with O'Donnell. Jack Davenport, Amita Dhiri and Andrew Lincoln star in the last ever episode

1.00am Learning Zone
Supernatural Science Scientists use up-to-the-minute technology to probe the existence of extraterrestrials 2.00am Masterclass Soprano Barbara Bonney coaches youngsters 2.40am Personal Passions Dr Paul Nurse's interest in astronomy 3.00am The Dangers of Powerful Neighbours The Alsace region 3.30am Jump Over Your Shadow Social divisions in unified Germany 4.00am Back to the Floor The new MD of Butlin's becomes a redcoat 4.30am Money, Money, Money Cutting fuel bills 5.00am Search English language series 5.15am Search English language series 5.30am Spelling with the Spellits Exploring words.

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