BBC to launch ‘Fight Box’



BBC THREE and BBC TWO have joined forces to bring a brand new entertainment format to TV screens this autumn, the FightBox. The program is a new concept that fuses video game type virtual characters and live action, in a Gladiatorial competition.

During the past few months FightBox has developed an online community where contestants created their own customised warriors, trained them and fought it out to win a place on the FightBox finals at BBC Studios. Over 90,000 UK-only contestants competed to get one of the 61 places to the final – 20 per cent of the finalists are women.

Presented by Lisa Snowdon and Trevor Nelson, FightBox will begin on 13 October at 7.30pm on BBC THREE and will start on BBC TWO from early November.

In the arena, the virtual warriors - commanded by their makers from the control pods in the studio – compete to pass different trials and challenges in the 3D-human scale virtual game, surrounded by a live audience and the TV cameras.

The warriors will also be up against the FightBox protectors - the Sentients - whose goal is to test and thwart the new pretenders to the FightBox crown. Only one contestant can be the FightBox champion. The winner's prize is to have their warrior become Sentient and be eternalised in the gallery of glory of the FigtBox.

FightBox is made possible by using Free-D, a virtual studios tracking system, created specifically for large multimedia events, which allows cameras, both fixed and hand held, to locate the position of the virtual Warriors anywhere in the arena. The system uses bar-coded round targets to accurately pin-point the movements of the 3D contestants and allow the cameras to follow without losing their relationship with the background and it also permits the FightBox presenters to walk around, in front and behind the virtual characters.