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Well there you have it, as I said months ago an inital "free to air" system, with darling Rupert waiting in the wings to put in a pay service on the back of the BBC's initgal hard graft. No more freebees on the premium services (when they come)they will I predict be encrypted in a new, and more secure version of VideoGuard, boxes will be hard wired with cam facility by SKY engineers and upgrade will I estimate cost the same as SKY install does now around forty pounds, eventually I expect dual purpose SKY Digi Boxes for both Satellite and DTT, will be introduced. Although the existing OnDigital units are supposed to be upgradable to SKY Digibox spec. There you have it - Game Set and Match to Rupert!!!!!


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I would wait to see what the details of the contract say, I think you may have overs1mplified the situation ;) . With this initial channel lineup, Sky are only content providers and small ones at that, three channels I believe.

They may well have an input programme wise, but my guess is that that the reins of any future Pay TV service will be in the hands of someone other than Rupert's company or companies. I think he'll be quite content to sit back and take the rake off from advertising revenue from the expanded service.