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Okay, I read the FAQ and still didn't find any relevant info to my questions, so I'm posting them here.

How do I watch those vi*ccess encrypted channels for free? I don't live in Europe, but there are several channels here in USA that uses vi*ccess encryption as well. Where can I obtain key/bin file for those satellites in the US? Could I just modify the euro key/bin file and make it work here in the US? Do I need a data logger to somehow grab the key from the encrypted signal? Or you know of any link that specializes in vi*ccess bins for US sat? Thanks.


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As far as I know the Viaccess system used in the US is the same as that used here in Europe, so if you had the US providers' keys you could edit the eeprom (keys-) file of a European fileset accordingly.
But how/where to find the keys?
Can't help you there I'm afraid.
Someone else?