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Jun 26, 2007
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A new mobile phone from BenQ with a 1.3 megapixel camera and MP3 playback might not sound like much to shout about, and the C36 would be no exception.
And the inclusion of a ‘health management’ feature might not seem a break from the norm either; Apple, Nike, Nokia and Samsung have all released technology allowing users to monitor their fitness.
But BenQ have thought outside the box when deciding to include a function to monitor and provide updates on women’s menstrual cycles.
If you (or your girlfriend) was concerned about the regularity of their monthly schedule, just adding a few details into this 176x220-pixel LCD display phone will provide the data that all women (and men) need.
Family affair
However, it’s not just BenQ who have seen the great chance to link between bodily functions and mobile telephony.
Samsung filed for a patent to monitor the user’s in-ear temperature that could help notify the user when she is most fertile in her monthly cycle (no info was given on how this might affect male users).
The C36 will launch in Indonesia during May 2008, and its undoubted success will mean it will come to other countries in the coming months.
Check back periodically for price updates as and when they become available.