Berlin reception issue - puzzled

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Sorry if youve seend this elsewhere but I am puzzled and someone must know the answer.

We live in Berlin, we have sky with 1 metre dish, 0.6 lnb ( universal) and Panasonic 30. We normally get 100 singal strenght and 90 quality on default sky settings but no astra 2d channels.

If we reset the default transponder to 10773 and H and 22.0 and 5/6 ( which we are told is Astra 2d) we get 70 signal strength and about 85quality but no settings in network ID and transport stream ( both are 0000).

If this is Astra 2d signals why do we not get a picture and if not how do we test for signal from the 2d bird? Is there something we can do, before I invest in a bigger dish I would like to know if we are picking up even some signal.

Help !!!:rolleyes: