Best MPEG2 decoder please...problemo ish



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Right, I am a NooB, so please dont flame me for being an ass when talking in dum terms anyways:

Other day formatted PC and when after reinstalling Skystar2,i installed DVBVIeWER,Server4PC package etc. and it gave me a msg saying "Severe" in the tab, and said "Sonic not installed" :eek: so i didnt know what that meant at first but after days of research i found out it was the MPEG2 decoder hadn't been installed i was then refered to install elecard decoder which at first i though was alright because it brought up the movie channels and whats u have is pretty quickly :) but then to my dissappointment, The Football was all Jumpy n stuttering )(-red

So the deal is, i would like to know which is the best decoder for footy games to have hopefully nice flowing footage.
Also, i have never got SunTV to work, it just plays video very jumpy and no audio. help on this wud also be nice.

For all the technical info on what stuff i was using software and hardware :

Graphics - Geforce FX5500
Tv Card - Technisat Skystar 2
Cpu - AMD Athlon 2100 = 1.7ghz
Ram - 768mb

Using Skyview, thinking of switching to DvBdREAM or summat
Elecard mpeg2 decoder is mpeg decoder currently

I would ppreciate help/suggestions
Thanks in advance


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I see you have an Nvidia Video card, you could try using the NVidia mpeg decoder and the proper Graph, with this combination you will obtain a nice picture and your CPU will work less because the video card will do most of the decoding work..

The package you need to install first is: mpeg2_decoders.v2.02

Once you have this, try using RitzDVB with the graph called
"WXP V,A-nVidia.xgr".

I normally use PowerDVD to watch recorded videos and there is not jumpy scenes, unless you have a bad signal when doing the recording.

Good luck.


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Thanks very much for that mate,
i managed to get the nvidia decoder on , i tried ritzdvb, but for me this is a weirdo program (sorry) im a NOOB like i said, i tried it with DVBDREAm the picture quality was awseme, but it wud miss a frame quite frequently making the picture shift which does get annoyig from time to time, any1 know how to sove this, if recording is needed will gladly do so

(previously using Skyview Btw)