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best price

hi where is the best place to bye a motorised dish and set top box
to watch all the live football and also will i need a card what prices am i going to pay { any second hand sites }looked on ebay nothing any help
thank you


Regular Member
Depends in which country you live in, and your budget. You do not need the latest top of the range all Dancing reciver, any reciver that has at least one cam slot fitted with the latest cam will work. As reguards the dish the bigger the better they pull in weaker signals you will also need a mount and method driving dish to track the sat:arc.
You say you have Looked on E BAY, so try a Mag: like What satellite or look on the nett for sat:suppliers and get a number of quote's they vary in price by quite an amount for the same set up. Forgot you will also need a programmer for the cam.
when you have done this then come backif you require more advice.