Best way to get SKY using ex-girlfriend?

Rank beginner needs help. I live somewhere near the UK but not actually on it, and want to begin my Sky adventure! I have an ex-GF in the UK with Sky installed for 4 years already. Any suggestions how I might best proceed with a subscription? I was thinking maybe she could upgrade her older digibox to a new SKY+ unit and let me have the old one, or perhaps a mirror subscription (sounded promising altho' not sure what it is) might be the way fwd? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rgds, Mike.


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First you will indeed need to get a digibox, either her old one or buy one online (ebay, or the local small ads.

Set up a subscription at her address, either in you name or hers, this will involve a lot of posting contracts back and forth. Sky may offer her a mirror sub as both boxes are in the same house, this wouldn’t work for you (for mirror subs Sky check that the phone line of both boxes are connected to the same phone number, when your box abroad doesn’t call in it the sub will be cancelled). At some point you will need to tell sky the serial number of your box (they may ask when you phone up for a card before they send you the contract, but it’s more likely that they will wait till you activate the card) and that should be it. your box will actually need to be connected to a dish when you activate the card, so either connected it up in her house temporarily when you activate it, or don’t actuvate it until you have set it up in you house.

Welcome to the forum, I hope this helps, sorry it’s a bit rushed.