Betting System to Power over 1,000 events for BSkyB



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The iTV version of SportXction was successfully run on Wednesday, February 23rd during three simultaneous UEFA Champions League matches.

Using the BSkyB digital television platform, subscribers are able to make interactive wagers using their television remote control devices while watching a sporting event. A display of the wagering propositions and odds information are available simultaneously with the game's action on the screen.

The agreement between GIG and SkyBet is a one-year trial on the basis of shared betting profits with either party having the right to terminate the agreement six months after launch.

The SportXction System for Sky Sports' broadcasts of soccer, cricket, golf, rugby, tennis and snooker during the entire year as a SkyBet branded product named "WINPlay." Global Interactive Gaming will bear the cost of operating the service from its technically advanced broadcast suites in central London. Since GIG currently intends to offer wagering on over 1,000 events during 2005 for its existing Internet partners, the Company does not anticipate significant incremental operational costs to provide this service for SkyBet.

This is the most significant accomplishment our Company has made to date and the culmination of several years of hard work and planning along with millions of dollars in development costs. 'WINPlay' will allow millions of BSkyB's satellite subscribers the opportunity to wager play-by-play on their favorite sporting events in real-time. SkyBet has been tremendously successful and a pioneer in the iTV betting market. This product will set a new standard for interactive gaming.

Source: Yahoo Business