There are some problems as of today with the newmember registration page for the VIa2 BF. It may be down until the weekend. So although thousands are searching, we're only too aware many more are joining every day. So here's what we are gonna do.
Anyone who has the Keyfinder prog and access to member page, if there is some pal on this forum really keen to get going before new member registration page is up again, can you please mail them the prog and 5 areas to tide them over. You can order another five areas from page no prob. But please don't take too many per person. ATM, we are generating a thousand new areas an hour and they are still going. Soon that will be up to 2,500 an hour. But for now, please don't take more than 5 areas per PC at a time.
And anyone who wants to sign up in next few days, and finds no luck from other pals here, please post again and I'll mail you everything personally whenever I can get here.
Thanx all and apologies for the temporary prob.