Big Brother conversation turns to s_x



The Big Brother housemates have been talking about what they would or wouldn't do for a million pounds.

Waiter and model Federico announced he would have mature content s_x eight times a week to get his hands on the money, while Steph said she would kiss a woman.

And, when asked if he would have s_x with a granny to get the cash, Scott said: "About the only thing I wouldn't do is kill someone. Let's leave it at that."

Only Cameron, the fish trader from the Orkney Islands, declared he wouldn't have s_x with a man, take drugs or marry a woman he didn't love - even for a million.

Meanwhile, it was time for a house heart-to-heart as Anouska revealed she has a sister with disabilities, who she has never met.

"She is in a special home to look after her and I never see her because mum finds it upsetting. It was a birth defect because my mum had German measles," she explained.