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Bin to hex link - please!



Does anyone know a current link to a program that will let me convert a bin file to a hex file? I've just started using a Millennium programmer and have programmed a Seca card without problems, where the download split nicely into a pic.hex and an eeprom.hex which I loaded okay through the Millennium. I have a Viaccess red CAM, v481, so can only use Barracuda, I think for Viaccess. The download from Phill's sats that I get for Barracuda only splits into one hex file and a bin, however, and I am totally lost about how to get this in my programmer. Appreciate any advice or links.


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Go to the software section at Phills Sat files. He (or maybe she) has a bin to hex/hex to bin converter. Download the file "Hex to Bin To Hex file 14/06/01"

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