Blank screen, EPG Banner and sound leads to recording problems



My original problems started about a month ago when intermittently all I would get was a black screen with the blue EPG banner across the bottom with sound for the channel, neither the remote or front panel buttons would work, removing the power was the only way to recover. Other problems such as blocky images during playback, playback of old recordings within a new recording and system resets (akin to the power being removed). The final straw was when my sky+ channel would display that I had no recordings, re-cycling the power would do the trick however I lost pause and recording functions.

I have now performed a full system reset and re-format (see below), all looks OK, the next few days will be the test.

Full System Reset and HD Format :-

1. Switch off at the mains

2. Holding the Left and Right navigation buttons (on the front panel NOT the remote), switch the power on and hold for about 30 seconds until Green play light comes on

3. Press 'Select'

4. The 'play-light' will then rotate clockwise while the resetting procedure takes place. This may take up to 3 minutes.

5. It then reverts to 'Standby'

6. Leave the machine for 2 minutes while hard drive reformats.