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blue titanium HELP

can anybody help please i have a infinity phoneix plugged in on laptop running windows xp. blue light on all ok! open up infinity softwarein phoneix mode mhz set 3.58, open up titanium progger v 1.10, insert blue tit, message coming up os 1.06 found erase card load hex and epr files burn card all ok place in seca cam 1.5 and keeps coming up card error please can some one help me iam going out of my mind cant get it to work files seem to be ok well at least everyone else says all clear please help


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Hi! Seca 1.05 is very touchy with tit s2 files. 1.03 is the best version. But sometimes you can activate the 1.05 by rebooting the box...somtimes by taking the cam out and put it in while the box is on,,, and sometimes it just dont work at all...

Reg.. nenni