Bluejay2 receiver help



Hello everyone, this is a great site, tons of info and lots of helping ppl, and now there is my problem. I have a Bluejay2 FTA receiver (made in Korea by Sat Cruiser Corporation) got it from Canada, was used there for the Echostar 119° West. Now I like to use it here in Eastern Europe. One of the main problem I have, in the database there is only the American satellites listed, none of the Europiens, and I don't know how to get them entered to it's database, so it would recognise satellites over here, like Astra on 19.2° E. I have a 90cm. dish and a Universal single LNB. I try to aim at the Astra bird, getting some signal and quality reading (43 and 53) on one preset satellite, but doesn't find any transponders. So if one of you guys have heard about this receiver, and could help me out, I wold greatly appreciate it. Sorry about the long post. Thanks in advance: Jim.

Here is the URL for the receiver: _