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Box office deactivated?



I used the telephone prefix scam to order a box office boxing event a while back (Sky are taking the piss trying to charge £20 a go for a three round fight). Anyhow, I recently had cable TV installed, but still have a month to run on sky, so thought I'd order a few box-office movies to the credit limit on my card. Problem: I enter my pin, the movie comes up (with banner), but blue screens after about ten minutes. Does anybody know what's gone wrong. Info: my digibox was disconnected from the mains for a couple of hours, the box is now connected to a cable phone line (still says 'the phone line is connected' though)??? :confused


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 02-Feb-02 AT 05:05 PM (GMT)]You've probably gone over the credit limit. But may also be that the box has ascertained that it's not a BT line and cancelled the service.



Thanks Rolph, I doubt it's the credit limit as I'd only previously ordered one b.o. event (does the box produce any credit limit messages I can check?). It's probably the phone line thing (I assume the digibox distinguish between different tones?), but the system check says it is connected to a phone line.

Aaah well, looks like if I want movies its back to feeding cash into the open mouth of the ravenous box-office beast :(


I take it you have cancelled your subscription to Sky and are waiting for your subscription to end. One you cancel your subscription sky will not allow you to purchase any box office events unless you phone them and pay by debit or credit card for each event.