Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs. Brown's Boys Reaches Record Numbers

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Mrs. Brown's Boys, Brendan O'Carroll's hit comedy show reached record numbers last Saturday as its final episode went head to head with Jonathan Ross' show on UTV. On a night when Ross had superstar David Beckham as his guest, more people chose to watch O'Carroll as he portrayed the hilarious Mrs. Brown.

About 6.32million people tuned in to watch the show. That's over a quarter of TV viewers, bringing the average audience for the BBC One 9:30 time slot up to 5.4million. To top it off, the show brought in the highest audience appreciation index ever for a comedy on BBC One, scoring 91 out of 100. The on-demand viewing numbers were impressive too, clocking in at over 8million views.

This isn't the first time the comedy has seen record numbers. It's a roaring success in Ireland. Its Christmas episode was the most watched TV show in Ireland over the holiday season, getting 49% of the audience share.

O'Carroll was both shocked and thrilled by the news. “ We knew there was going to be a scheduling problem, that was the first thing. Then when I heard it was going to be on the same time as Jonathan Ross, I thought 'wow we are going to be hammered on this,” he said. “So those results are not just surprising to me, they are absolutely stunning. That's the biggest figure of the series so far so that's astounding... It's just the perfect end to the series - wow!," said the 56-year-old O'Carroll. "I am chuffed beyond description. So proud of the family and the rest of our crew and cast.”

Mrs. Brown's Boys will be returning to screens in September. In the meantime, they will be having a series of live shows in the spring called Mrs. Brown Rides Again. The cast, which includes O'Carroll's own children, Danny and Fiona, and his wife, Jennifer Gibney, is sure to be a hit as it travels through the country. O'Carroll may also appear on the Graham Norton show. He was quoted saying “I will be going on Graham's show if they ask me, but I won't be going on as Mrs Brown - she never leaves the stage as far as I'm concerned.”


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Just goes to show, Jonathan Woss is boring, and some guy in drag is funny as hell... :-rofl2

And yep, I like watching Mrs. Brown's Boys, especially when they leave the outtakes in the show, like fluffed lines, set problems, cases of the giggles, all that, and the actual storylines are very funny too... O-Ha