Bright newcomer on Sky - Nation277



There's a new, live entertainment show on Sky channel 277 and it's causing excitement among the fans. Called Nation277, it's the first of a tranche of five
"I have to say, for the first day of broadcasting they have shown how a professional TV station is run, there were very little glitches and next to no channels planned by David Brook, the former Head of Strategy & Development at Channel 4.

He is launching the digital channels through his company The Optimistic Network and will be working with ex-Sky TV executive William van Rest.

Nation277, will launch officially on 25 November: however it appears to be broadcasting fully now (15 November). It will feature programmes such as Flipside TV, an irreverent live chat show about TV, executive produced by former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon with input from ex-Loaded magazine editor James Brown. Other shows include Game Nation, about computer games, and Groove Nation, focusing on music.

The next service will be a fan-based sports service - Sport Nation - set to launch early in the New Year.

Comments on the internet site DigitalSpy include:


"Congrats to the guys on Game Nation! The channel is only 2 days old and already looks somewhere in the region of 10,000 times more slick than Friendly TV (at a rough estimate)."