Britain gets own 3G iPhone rumour

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Jun 26, 2007
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In perhaps the biggest clue yet that the 3G iPhone is coming to the UK, Telefónica Europe chief executive Matthew Key said his company and Apple would make an announcement in the “coming weeks.”
This is likely to be regarding the new generation of the Apple device, especially as Steve Jobs just happens to be giving a keynote speech at the Apple WWDC next month.
When, when, when?
When asked for specifics on when the 3G iPhone will be available, he said: “Asked exactly when the 3G phone will be available he said: "That's more of a question for Apple ... but over the coming weeks we will do a joint announcement with Apple as Telefónica Group."
Given the only thing Apple and Telefónica have joint interest in is the iPhone, the 3G announcement seems to be the worst-kept secret in recent gadget history.
O2 apparently added 206,000 new customers in the first quarter of 2008, and a large number of these are believed to be iPhone buyers.
Other rumours have said Apple may re-think its policy of locking the iPhone to a single supplier, given the large proportion of unlocked devices in existence, but as O2 holds a multi-year exclusive deal to sell the iPhone this may not happen anytime soon.