British Gas voted worst at handling complaints



British Gas has been voted the worst company in Britain for handling complaints.

The firm came out lowest in a nationwide survey of 2,900 consumers, although it was also voted seventh best.

Marks & Spencer came out best overall for handling complaints in the third annual National Complaints Culture Survey.

The survey, carried out for Time Manager International, found that Britons were becoming more likely to complain, although only 16% said they complained every time they were dissatisfied.

More than half (52%) said they complained on every or most occasions they were unhappy with service, up 8% on the findings in 2000.

Report author Gillian James said: "The results of this year's survey clearly show that organisations are becoming genuinely committed to good customer service but that they are struggling with the ever-increasing demands made by consumers."

Londoners were the most likely to gripe, with 60% saying they complained every or most of the time when they were dissatisfied, compared with just 40% among the Welsh.

Employees also had their own complaints - only 36% said they were currently satisfied with their training.

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