Brothels recruit specialists for English visitors



Australian brothels are recruiting extra S&M specialists during the Rugby World Cup to cater for the needs of posh English fans.

Brothels are also said to be stocking up on whips as thousands of English rugby union supporters arrive in Australia for the event which starts this weekend.

Robbie Swan, a spokesman for The Eros Association, Australia's adult entertainment industry, told the BBC: "The upper classes in England, we know that they like spanking."

He said brothels were gearing up after being surprised by demand during previous big get-togethers.

Brothels are also trying to cater for other fans. Girls from a Sydney brothel called Stiletto greeted Argentina's squad to the city with signs saying: "Care for a ruck?"

Meanwhile, the Boardroom brothel in Melbourne has decked itself out in the national colours of Italy and New Zealand, while The Daily Planet brothel is planning to lay on finger food.