Bush loses fight with space-age scooter



President George Bush has lost a battle of wills with a Segway scooter.
The US commander-in-chief took a tumble during a family break in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Tennis racket in hand, the president strode up to the space-age scooter, jumped on and then stumbled right off the machine.

Mr Bush was spending a long weekend at the family compound to celebrate George Bush Snr's 79th birthday yesterday.

Undeterred by his slip, Mr Bush got back on again. His father then climbed on a second Segway, and this time they cruised off with his dog Barney leading the way.

The president's two daughters, Jenna and Barbara, and former first lady Barbara Bush all took turns on the Segways too.

In January, the president rode inventor Dean Kamen's own Segway, and was said to have handled it like a pro - that time.