Buying an already activated Cyfra+ Card.



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Fortec Star 4200. Official Digitalb hd receiver and subscription. Head Cahllenger sd 2900. Triax. 1 metre dish and 65cm dish.
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North West Ireland
Someone has offered me a Cyfra+ Card that has already been activated and used for a month but this boy is selling the card as there are 11 months left on the subscription. But my question is if I buy this card of him will it work on my receiver. I have a receiver that can take official cyfra cards but I am just wondering if it will work in my receiver having been in a different receiver for a month.

N.b I know that Cyfra cards are not paired but I just want to be sure before paying him.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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1m channel master, jaeger smr1224, Inverto black ultra twin, technomate tm-1500ci, broken receiver vantage x221ci, New additions Skybox F5s and technomate tm-5402 HD arriving soon.
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yes it will work fine in other receivers that can read seca cards, my vantage is conax only but got the card working in diablo cam with horizon 1.04.

I did load other software on my vantage which will read the card but doesn't update it properly, so I just use the cam or my spare receiver a tm1500 to make sure the card receives the updates