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Jan 1, 2000
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NTL Digital Cable hack
I hope it is OK to ask this question here - I checked the RULEZ and it says nothing about cable TV so......

I was offered by some one I know if I was interested in a hacked N T L digital cable box, as he already has one.

Being something of a sceptic I asked if I could see one working, and today I went over to see the guy in Northwest England, and there I saw the cable box running, opening all channels inc PPV!!

It was using a funcard, which was obvioiusly opening the channels cos when I removed the funcard it stopped after about 20 secs.

Also he tells me that the "talk back feature" is disabled. The fun card only works in the box it is supplied with. Putting it in another box did not open any channels. This sounds similar to satellite systems using a "boxkey" like nagravision. In fact I believe digital cable uses nagravision?

I could have bought a box, but the asking price was rather high. So I'm very interested how it is done...

I've looked around and strangely I have not seen any other mention of this hack on the net. Surely some UK members here will know more about it, especially if the box itself is modded in some way such as new firmware, or if all you need are the correct files for the funcard. There again the card I saw only worked in the one box, so perhaps you have to read out the "boxkey" like with nagra and add them to your funcard.....


Im also looking into the same thing!!

I want to buy a DVB-c card for my PC and get a magic CAM, i have no idea what todo from then on.
I know magic supports the box key change but i don't know how to get one.

Please help me also


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Jan 1, 1999
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I'm told Satdudez have a forum on this, but since I gave up on their re-registration ping-pong lark months ago, I can't verify that.

Nagravision is the encryption system, so that would indeed imply a pairing between box and card.