Cam 901275 irdeto II to freecam ???



I have Cam irdeto II and I already opened, I removed to flash and I programmed with the willem, the file F2-B018.bin but it didn't work ???

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The 901275 cam can not be re-flashed through the PCMCIA interface to the best of my knowledge as the AMD 29 series boot sector flash memory is protected, the only way is to open the cam remove( desolder with specialist LQFP equipment) the device and then program with flash memory equipment.then resolder and close the cam. You can find many threads on the subject on the site.

Additionally the 901275 Cam is based on the Eurocam platform and is not compatable with the previous generation, if you were to follow the process you could only re-flash the cam to either a Alpahcrypt or a cryptoworks.

I hope this explains why your cam did not relash, your cam should normally still work has a irdeto cam.

futher information can also be found at

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