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CAM for computer system.

Hello people,

Due to my location and the communication problems I face I have no much time to do a complete investigation on certain topics, I live in a third world country and we suffer a lot of black outs, so I apologise if this has been discussed before in this forum.

I have a Nexus-S DVB card and a pretty fast computer. Now, I would like to be able to receive Satellite channels encrypted in Nagra, Nagra2, Irdeto and Irdeto2, so I was wondering, is it possible to attach a CAM module (a device where I could insert a Smart Card) to my computer card and using RitzDVD or ProgDVB be able to watch encrypted channels ?

If anyone with experience could give me some advise of what device to purchase,compatible with many type of cards or at least with Nagra2, Irdeto, Irdeto2, I would appreciate it very much.



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i think ther something called a smartmouse device but not shore but i know you can do what want to as i have read it somewhere in this forum before have a searh for skystar and think its mentiond in one of those topics