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Im very new to this - but would I be correct in saying that if i bought a viaccess, or any other type of cam then i could watch any channel that uses that kind of encryption???


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Yes, in most cases, but providing you have the correct smartcard to unlock the particular packages.


what you need satstar is either a irdeto freecam or a magic cam both are reprogrammable for future updates if software is available


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I also am very new to this subject. I'm interested in viewing some of the encrypted channels on Hispasat (e.g. TVE1 and TVE2). I have a GbSat motorised system and would be graeful if someone could explain what my options are. What bits and pieces do I need and where can I get them from? I've seen mention of re-programming and patching mentioned else where, is this related? Many thanks in advance.


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Suggest you read through the posts on this board.
What your options are depends on what kind of receiver and CAMs you have, as well as what yoiur budget is and how inclined you are to pursue the -ahem- hobby.

Most interesting stuff on Hispasat is encrypted in Nagravision, and that is hacked. However, the codes change fairly frequently (every few days) and so you woujld need to keep updating your card.
If it is that Nagravision stuff you're interested in, then you will need an Atmel Funcard programmed with some "fun 5-in-1 or similar) or else a piccard2/silver-card programmed with DS9 5-in-1 software. To program such a card requires a suitable programming device (eg VX-Multi, MasteraII/Vegas,...) and a programming utility to run from your PC (eg Cardwriter).
But there are so many different types, you would need to look at what is available in your locale. Price varies too.

To use such a card you need it inserting into a CAM. The CAM you need depends on the receiver you will be using. In the case of a Samsung 9500, for example, you need to patch the receiver's software and then use the card in combination with a standard Irdeto Euro CI CAM. In the case of the EchoNAV Echostar receivers, the latest standard beta software from Echostar themselves will enable that facility. In the case of the Humax 5400, you can patch the receiver and then use the card in the embedded slot (no need to use a CI CAM at all). In many other CI receivers, you can use the receiver in its unpatched form, in combination with a FreeCAM2 v0.18 (which is a patched series1 Irdeto CI CAM). Or you can use a Magic CI CAM loaded with the latest pentacrypt firmware.

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If your just interested in Hispa sat you might try
a Gemplus Nagra CAM. The difference with this Cam
is its only of any real use on Hispa sat BUT when used in conjunction with a Funcard4 theres an Auto-update for this
so theres no need to reprogram cards. But if other Sat are desired
Go for a Freecam or MM.