Can I get Siruis 5 Signal in Dubai ?



Dubai co-ordinates are 54, 26. Does the Siruis Footprint covers this. I have a 8ft Dish and Humax IRC5400 ALL CAM Pathed and Funcard Prog..

What type of LNB do i need in this case ?


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 06-Aug-02 AT 11:46 AM (GMT)]The Siruis satellite has two transponder foot prints (KN) which covers northern Europe only, its footprint is far to north and west of your location, the signal would be in the very low single db figues, and is not possible to receive. There is also (KE) which covers Europe and some parts of North Africa and parts of the Middle East(36 D:cool:.

However normally neither the (KN) or the (KE) footprints can be recieved at your Dubai location on a 8 ft dish.

The KE footprint is at its extreme already only 36 DB (3.7 mtr)I have not seen any individuals reporting reception from your location of the Siruis satellite.

Several of the analogue Hotbird transponder foot prints have been received sucessfully with 5-13.0 mtr dishes.

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