can i ????



[updated:LAST EDITED ON 18-Oct-01 AT 01:26 AM (GMT)]Hi can i use the same method as i did to program a card for my friends nokia system(9800 ???), the same way i did for myself for itv digital, i know that they are completely different systems, but is the method the same, oh forgot to say im using a elvis programmer, he needs to watch hotbird,what ever that is!!! i think he just needs to watch mature content lol, he has 2 cams conex as visa-acsess i think,one is embeded.


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There is no Conax hack in the public domain, so nothing to be done there.
Viaccess is hacked. You don't say what technique you had used for yourself, nor for which encryption system on what card-type. So it's a bit difficult to say that you can use the same for programming a card for your friend!
But presuming for the moment that you programmed a standard goldwafer card for either Irdeto or Mediaguard encryption, then the answer is: yes, the same tools and techniques will program a goldwafer card for Viaccess (though obviously you need to put different files on the card).