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can matrix reborn read official cards from irdeto?


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i want to buy german premiere and i have reborn cam.it has an emulator for irdeto2 but i am not sure.


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Hi Westsider,

you can't use the Reborn with a Premiere card since it does not work. Besides Premiere has Nagravision Aladin and not Irdeto 2 as a decrypt system.

According to your statement about Irdeto 2 Emu. Would not be bad to have it. Irdeto 2 is not yet hacked and available as emu. I assume you mean if Reborn CAM can read Irdeto orignal cards, well this is a different story and it can :)

Besides if you want to watch Premiere better get a Premiere CAM. It also works with the Dragon and Magic CAM. A matrix CAM can be patched to a Magic CAM but the problem is that it cannot activate the card first time in use. Also AU does not work properly.

Besides don't patch you Reborn to a Magic since you will not be able to go back. So far there is not Xilinx file available for the Reborn CAM like there is for the MR or Mrv CAM.