Can using a amplifyer (no external power) overload reception and cause damage



Hi I am living in Poland and I manage to get astra 2a. (sky ect) However I have never managed to get channels on Eurobird 28.5 (discovery home and leasure +1, film four ect) apart from the one time when the satellite installer had a very short cable between digibox and dish (3 m instead of normal approx 2-0 metres)
I have just bought a 'sloping type in-line amplifer without external power source (code 4670BS) My question is

1) would amplification overload my already strong signal from astra 2a 28.2 and is there any risk of damage to my digibox
2) where would be the best place to put the amplifer, close to the satellite dish or digibox
3) Is there any other way to improve signal from Eurobird 28.5 withoout buying a larger dish (my dish is about 1m/1.2m) or weakening signal from astra




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Hi Talc,

The inline may produce a result, but 20 metres of cable is no great length to worry about, it needs to be close to the LNB, but they can produce more noise than anything else.

You may find it to your advantage to tweak the dish on 28,5 transponders, it may level things up a bit.


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If an extra 17m of cable is making such a difference, maybe the cable is low quality and attenuating the signal. I would try and see what grade of cable has been used: perhaps the cable type is marked on the sheath. It might be worth replacing it with top-grade satellite cable. You could measure out the required length and try it with a temporary connection before going to the trouble of fixing it to the wall, etc.

As to the other question, you would be hard pressed to damage the input of a satellite receiver just by increasing the RF level with an amplifier, unless you use something for transmit applications that has seriously large amounts of gain and power. From the noise point of view, any amplifier should be close to the LNB rather than close to the receiver. Try it but I don't think it will work as well as increasing the dish size.