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can we use our dish?



hi we are students who have just moved into a new house in london. we have an old diamond shaped bsb dish on the side facing vaguely in a west direction. is it possible to get anything out of it such as eurosport? what do we need? we havnt got a reciever/decoder box though we have seem soem for a tenner. also is it true that you can get premiership football legally for free from foreign stations? do we need a decoder card for it? pls help us, we havn't got a clue what we are doing!!! :D


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 06-May-02 AT 08:57 AM (GMT)]Hello Davyboy,

If its an original BSB plate, it won't be of any real use. You can get a second hand 60cm conventional dish for a couple of quid and team that up with your car boot analogue receiver you should be up for Eurosport and a lot of German language stations.

The majority of the British football is Digital and encrypted, see the thread in Chit Chat or transponders and channels.