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Canal+ New Channels

Canal+ will this month launch two new pay-TV channels for the French market.

On air on October 20, Canal+ Family will join, without any price rise, the multichannel offering Canal+ Le Bouquet. Le Bouquet already comprises Canal+, Canal+ Cinéma, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Décalé and Canal+ Hi-Tech. It will target a family audience, an under-represented group among Canal+’s subscribers.

Presented as “the first premium channel in France for the family” and due to be violence and adfree, Canal+ Family will broadcast movies (four to five each day), TV series, animation and documentaries. First productions shown will be movies Azur and Azmar, Pirates of the Carribbean, Chicken Little and The Zorro Legend.

One-third of the programming will be exclusive to the group, either picked up from Canal+’s catalogue, coming from output deals with studios like Disney and Fox, or benefiting from pre-aquisitions, mostly for animation.

Managing director Rodolphe Belmer said: “Launching Canal+ Family is a major step for the group in terms of programming and creation strategy. It shows Canal+ group’s editorial vitality and in the same time strenghtens the identity of channels served with specific programming.”

Canal+ Family, available like other channels from Le Bouquet on all digital platforms, is also part of Canal+’s strategy to develop new technologies and adapt to new consuming habits. Canal+ has thus announced the launch before the end of the year of its own catch-up TV service.

More specifically, Canal+ Le Bouquet, whose cumulated audience share approximates seven per cent, today represents two-thirds of the Group’s susbcribers, and generates 90% of all new subscriptions.

Besides the new family channel, the Group has also announced the launch on October 27 of new theme channel Planète Justice.

Dedicated to the judicial system, the channel is a venture between Canal+ Group, which owns 66%, and France Télévisions. Both already run together channels Planète Thalassa and Planète Juniors.

Planète Justice, which will be exclusively available on platform CanalSat, strengthens Canal+’s “dis'covery” offering which includes Planète, Planète Thalassa, Planète No Limit and fishing and hunting Seasons. Planète Justice will offer documentaries, reports, TV movies and series, magazines and short programming. Half of its €5.5 million budget will go on new content.

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