Cannot downgrade titanium card OS 1.06


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I have tried downgrading my TIT OS with both

a) TitaniumCardProgger_v1_10.0.2.exe and
:cool: titaniumOsUpdater2.exe

They both fail with different reasons.

a) fails with error: failed to write flash right at the end, after it does a few other bits and bobs

:cool: fails with getting the ATR after it writes OS1.3d for about 40 seconds, then just fails to find ATR after this.

So looks like im stuck with OS1.06 which is a bitch, cos i started with OS1.3 but updated "just because" (DOH)

PS i do use Multiprog to power on to phoneix 3.58 first, then load ea 3rd party app after to try and downgrade the OS

Any ideas would be good.

(the card did start with 1.03 - but i upgraded to 1.06 - wish i hadnt now)