Cannot update to MR 201 (was working)


I have been trying to update my MR200 Matrix Revolutions to MR201 for 3 days now. I have reread all the howtos and searched all possible forums.

My MR revolutions works perfectly. I can edit and change keys, and it decrypts all the working channels correctly.

I am updating the CAM with PCMCIA on a Sony Vaio Laptop with Windows XP. When I first received the CAM it was empty. I was able to install the MRv200 correctly.

Now, here is my procedure to update to MR201:

- boot Windows XP
- inster CAM (have also tried waiting several minutes after inserting)
- CAM is always recognized correctly as DVB CA
- start UCAS Loader 1.3 (have aslo tried with v 1.1 and 1.2.1)
- Select CAM 0
- Select MR201.udp file
- click download now, and after about 20 seconds it displays a message:
Device not ready, try to re-insert the CAM.

I have tried to reinsert, switch off and restart windows, reinsert without restarting UCAS Loader, stop UCAS Loader and reinsert, wait, etc... a few dozens of times these past days.

And I always get the same message: Device not ready, try to re-insert the CAM. (after a few seconds).

The card still always works fine, I have tried updating keys again. I have tried upgrade firware, to erase old data. etc...

Can anyone help me out with this ?

I have read somewhere that UCAS 3 software should be installed to update the cam.

Do I need to flash this UCAS 3 software into the cam before updating it to MR202 ? How do I do that ?

Or can I directly flash MR202 on top of MR200 (as I do) ?
Help me please !

What I understand now:

- once flashed with MR 2.0 the UCAS 3.1 software got erased. So MR 2.01 cannot be flashed in with a laptop as UCAS 3.1 isn't present anymore.

- to update to MR 2.01 I need to get a CAS 2 interface, flash UCAS 3.1 and then I can update to MR 2.01

Is this right, or am I wrong ?


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The laptop upgrade method doesn't always work - depends on chipset of laptop.

You could try upgrading using funcards, or alternatively buy a CAS2. With these methods, you go straight from 2.00 to 2.01.

(By the way, I only have Matrix Reloaded but I think it is the same)