Canon bets on Flash memory with new HD camcorder

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Jun 26, 2007
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Flash memory is shaping up to be the camcorder recording medium of choice in 2008. Just two months after Panasonic furthered its dedication to the format with the release of the HDC-SD9, Canon has shipped journalists from all over Europe to Marrakech, Morocco for the launch of its new HF10.
Dubbed ‘dual memory’, the HF10 is the first high-definition camcorder to come with built-in memory – 16GB no less, enough for up to 6 hours of footage. But it also has an SD slot as well, allowing footage to be copied to SDHC cards for backup, or for greater storage.
Although a 16GB SDHC card is now as little as £50, Canon sees the ability to shoot hours of footage straight out of the box as a key attraction. But just in case buyers disagree, it has simultaneously launched the HF100, which has the same features as the HF10 apart from the built-in memory (and is silver rather than black).
To accompany the launch, Canon has also coined a new term ‘freecording’ (and trademarked it, as well). Traditionally, camcorders have been purchased for a family to record events such as weddings, holidays and parties.
But now Canon sees a more personal, fun-oriented usage for sharing everyday activities – the kinds of uses where the robustness and compact size of Flash memory camcorders are ideal.
So will Canon’s HF10 kick start the ‘freecording’ revolution? We will be bringing you more updates on this bold new camcorder as the launch event progresses.